Every time I hear this I want to pull my own hair out. Well, if I had hair to pull out that is. There is this age old wisdom that women should grow their hair out so they can wear it in an updo.

Ladies, you don’t have to grow your hair down to your bra strap! There are many quick and easy fixes to give you the long hair you want for your wedding.  Extensions!

 I know what you are thinking…

“They are too expensive”
“They’ll ruin my hair”,
“It will look fake”

The key is to get your hair length between your chin and shoulders. You should have some layering and not a blunt cut. It is really hard to blend out one length hair into extensions. Unless your hair is really short this should not take you all that long to achieve this look.

If they are done properly, all of the above issues can be easily resolved. The question of the hour is clip-in vs. permanent. A good stylist can walk you through the pro’s and cons of each.

Another thing to keep in mind is that hair extensions can also thicken your hair. As a Dallas stylist that has worked on many photo shoots I will say that most people need a little extra hair when being photographed. Let’s face it, big hair photographs better than fine limp hair.


The reality is that you are going to need a hair extension expert to walk you through the process. It can be a little overwhelming but with the right professional, all your questions and concerns can be addressed. The stylist that is doing your hair for the wedding day does not have to be the same one who helps you with extensions.

I do not do wedding hair, however, I do know what foundation needs to be laid in order to get that perfect wedding hair. I have worked with many stylist’s clients in Dallas. I get the hair and they go back to their stylist to get the ‘do.

I will say that I have several talented stylists at The Beauty Box Salon that are crazy talented wedding hair experts. If need be you can always make us your one stop shop.