Have you ever asked yourself “why wear halo hair extensions or clip in hair extensions“? As stylists, we hear that question all the time as there are so many different hair extensions out there.

Halo hair extensions and clip-ins are a great way to “fill in” when you aren’t wearing something more permanent. They can also be added to permanent hair extensions you may already be sporting.

We have several clients who are models and need that extra volume for the camera. Clip in’s and Halo Hair Extensions are also great for the in between phases of your permanent extensions.

Example: A client went on vacation for two weeks and didn’t want to ruin their new and beautiful hair extensions they only had for a few weeks. They knew of course it wouldn’t be smart to wear hair extensions when they were going to be in the water and the sun for two weeks.

The client also didn’t want to spend extra time blow drying and shampooing extensions when clip ins are much easier to wear. They could then take off their Halo Hair Extensions during the day and go natural. Then, at night clip-in their extensions for the evening for dinner and dancing. It’s an easier option on vacation.

These temporary hair extensions are not for all day, every day hair. It can be too heavy and stress the hair. Therefore, there may be breakage or thinning where the clips are attached. We always recommend wearing these pieces as a temporary hair extension fix. 

Clip in hair extensions & Halo Hair Extensions are great for the weekend or holidays. It’s an easy way of adding sexy hair fast! Lets face it..who doesn’t want sexy hair? Celebrity’s have done it for years and its been a Hollywood trend since we can remember.

These days you can watch a tv show and see any celebrity with out some type of added hair. Even news anchors wear some type of hair extension.

So if your wanting extra volume or extra length, clip in hair extensions are a great way to “try” hair extensions with out a big commitment. I recommend clips ins to anyone wanting to add sexy to their hair!


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