The most common hair complaints I hear are that their hair is too flat and their ends are dry. This is common because as stylists we teach clients how to use styling products but not the basics of conditioner.

Conditioners should be applied to the ends of the hair and not at the scalp. The opposite of styling products. The reason you don’t need conditioner at the scalp is because your scalp produces a natural oil which keeps the hair well conditioned for the first 3 inches from the scalp. Also, the hair closest to your scalp is new as opposed to your ends which are old.

Let me explain this a little. Hair grows from the scalp at an average rate of 1/2 inch per month. As the hair gets longer what has first grown out has been exposed more to the sun, the blow dryer, ect. and that gradually makes the hair lose its natural moisture. Think of hair as fabric.  New fabric has a nice shine and softness to it. Think of that beautiful cashmere sweater you had once upon a time. What happend do it after a while? Fabric that has been worn and washed several times loses that shine and moisture. Unlike fabric however we can apply conditioners and smoothing products to fill in the damaged spots and keep hair shiny and soft.

Another helpful thing you can do to keep your hair well conditioned is to brush your hair with a natural boars hair brush. The natural bristles of the brush will absorb the oil from the scalp and distribute it throughout the hair keeping it shiny and healthy. Doing this will not only keep your hair healthy but it’ll keep your scalp from looking oily. You’ll not need powders or dry shampoos if you brush your hair regularly with a boars hair brush.