As the temperatures drops in Dallas and the wind picks up it can be a challenge to fight frizz, breakage and split ends. That’s why I wanted to write some tricks for beautiful winter locks. From regular trims to leave-in conditioners. The seasons can be chaotic with our hair, from central heating to wind, rain, hat hair and everything in between. But as long as you adapt your hair care you’ll beat the winter hair blues.

Prevention is better than a cure | Protecting, conditioning and maintaining healthy hair is easier than trying to cure damage caused by mistreatment and harsh winter weather.

Wear a hat or head scarf | Not only will this protect your hair from the harsh weather, but also it will stop the wind sending your hair into a tangled mess when outside.

Stay trim | Trimming your hair regularly will help strengthen your hair and reduce the chance of breakage. It’s important to take pride in your hair even the simplest haircut can boost your confidence. If you look good, you’ll feel good and this will encourage you to invest more time into looking after your hair rather than just pulling it back. Regular trims are essential in winter to avoid split ends. Hair looks healthier if it’s kept neat and trimmed, and even if you’re growing your hair, you should still have regular trims.

Avoid brushing your hair while it’s still wet | Brushing your hair when wet can increase split ends and breakage, which can leave hair looking dull and damaged. Invest in a tangle teaser or soft brush to ease the knots out of your hair with minimal risk of breakage.

Another tip for wet hair |  Never step outside with wet hair. It might be tempting to leave the gym without blasting your hair, but this is a definite ‘no’ for winter months. You can actually freeze the hair and cause breakage, so make sure you remove any moisture to leave hair in optimum condition.

Treat your tresses | Indulging in a conditioning treatment it is especially important for women as their hair tends to be longer than men’s so can be prone to breaking, splitting and drying out. Keeping your hair nourished will protect it from the weather conditions and heat styling. Split end treatments are really good too and sometimes work better than just conditioner.

Only wash your hair when needed | If you’re a hair-washing obsessive, winter is a good time to ditch the habit. In fact if you wash your hair every day you seriously need to think again. Washing your hair every day will strip it of the essential oils you need to lock in moisture. You should always use a good shampoo and conditioner too.

Don’t be afraid to try coloring your hair | One good piece of advice that’s more fun than factual is this one. Winter is the perfect season to color your hair a few shades darker. Experiment with darker color tones on your hair during the winter as they are much more forgiving to damaged hair than lighter colors, like blonde. This is because damaged hair shows up a lot more on lighter tones like blonde. For a fab winter look, why not experiment with some chocolate browns? Reddish tones are great too –

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