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Many Dallas women who have extremely thin fine hair or suffer from female pattern baldness don’t know that there are some very clever and undetectable solutions available on the market these days. Hair replacement technology has gotten a lot better over the years. The reality is that you can quickly and easily be back to your normal self in under two hours.

Women’s Hairloss Dallas – Hairdreams Microline:

One of the best Dallas hair replacement solutions available on the market is Hairdreams’ Microline. It is a top of the head permanent hair extension system. It is made of the best human hair available. What that means for you is a seamless integration into your own hair. No one will know that you are wearing anything.

It is the perfect solution for any woman who has reached a certain level of thinning that no volumizing shampoo or backcombing will ever cover. This system requires you to have enough hair to be pulled through the net, or else the structure will be visible.

Women’s Hairloss Dallas – Hairdreams Microline

How does it work?

Hairdreams is known for their cutting edge technology. The Microline is no exception. It is light and when attached will feel like your own hair. The Microline has top of the head hair loss technology that helps fill in density and create volume.

It is attached to your natural own natural hair with a special bonding ring or with a what is called a microlink. Your own hair is integrated through a net like structure that literally disappears as if it was growing directly from your scalp.

What type of hair?

These isn’t  your grandma’s wiglet. Each Hairdreams Microline top piece or hair integration system is make with the 7 star quality hair (beautiful European human hair that looks and feels just like yours).

Women’s Hairloss Dallas – Hairdreams Microline

How long does it take to apply?

A Microline can be applied, cut and styled in under 2 hours.

How long does the Microline lase?

After 4-6 weeks of daily wear, you will come back to the salon to have the piece reattached to keep it adhered as close to your scalp as possible. After 6-8 months of wear, the microline will need to be sent back to Hairdreams to be refreshed. We recommend having two pieces so you can wear one for 6-8 months, then have it refreshed while you wear the other. This way you never go without.

If properly maintained you can expect this women’s hair loss solution to last up to 2 years. 

How much does it cost?

We offer a “no strings attached” Free thinning hair solutions consultation to walk you through what the Microline can do for you. The Microline is one of many solutions we offer for any Dallas women who is suffering from hair loss.

The Beauty Box Salon is not wig shop or a weird hair clinic.  It is a wonderful salon that is welcoming and comfortable. We understand the specialized needs of our clients. We do offer a private room for any hair replacement service.

Women’s Hairloss Dallas – Hairdreams Microline